Problem with    
Netflix or Amazon Prime

Premium and Royal Subscription is Expensive, But hey you can always split the cost with friends/family and live happily ever after. Except this doesn't really workout. Does it ?

😒 Not all of us have dependable friends/family members with whom we can share our bill and expect them to pay on time. If they even pay at all !

😓 Moreover, most of us are not even comfortable asking our loved ones to pay their share.

😭 In the end, you just end up with relationships gone sour and friends getting hurt. Or Worse. Paying the whole bill yourself.

😣 Even if everything works out, it's just way too much hassle. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

😉 And, many of us just don't wanna let friends/family know what we are watching , as there are some pretty stuff too

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